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[title] Captain America: Protector of the Small
[characters] steve, tony
[contains] a kitten
[words] 297
[summary] "It's a kitten, Tony. You've never seen one? I find that hard to believe."

'Come on, Tony, look at its little kitten face.' )
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[title] and I go on as you get colder
[characters] doumeki/watanuki
[contains] spoilers for the 200+ chapters
[words] 215
[summary] in ten years the world will have changed [[ profile] 31_days]

comin' down the years turn over )
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[title] I'm alive when you're here with me
[characters] boostle: booster gold/blue beetle ii
[contains] my terrible attempts at porn, FEELINGS, experiments in the narrative
[words] 1933
[summary] When you die and come back, things change. Maybe, so do you. (takes place just before 52, semi-AU)

yes, I'll find a way to see you again )

I am fucking done with this fic. There's probably all sorts of errors in characterisation and spelling/grammar and I'm sure the ending is rushed, but I have been stuck on it for so fucking long that I just do not fucking care anymore.
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[title] Slamming Revolving Doors (and Other Supposedly Impossible Feats)
[characters] boostle: booster gold/blue beetle ii
[contains] character death
[words] 500+
[summary] It's a dead man's party, who could ask for more?

[download here]

download the pdf version because I did some fancy font tricks that I didn't want to lose

also this was titled by Iambic, kneel at his feet
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I'm starting a new thing, I guess. Because sometimes I have a lot to say about the stories I write, but at the same time, I'd really rather not clutter the page with the actual story on it. So I'll be posting any and all author's notes separately. Here we go with the first, for Insert Obligatory Closeted Gay Joke Here which is original fiction.

Insert Obligatory Closeted Gay Joke Here: Author's Notes )
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[title] lord of the jungle
[characters] crowley/aziraphale
[contains] crowley
[words] 510
[summary] in which Crowley menaces his plants, drinks tea, and engages in homoerotic debates.

'The point is,' he said, and tried to think of a point. )
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[title] nothing is eternal
[characters] roxas; demyx; mentions of axel, saïx, xemnas, vexen, larxene, and marluxia; implied axel/roxas
[contains] dystopian future, criminal activities
[words] 2,228
[summary] demyx and roxas go above ground for the winter solstice.

set in my supposed Organization as a Post-Apocalyptic Crime Syndicate AU )
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[title] the earth meets the ocean meets the sky
[characters] riku, sora, kairi
[contains] riku angst
[words] 318
[summary] there can be no closure to a heart still wary

summer move forward and leave your heat anchored in dust )
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[title] a new distance
[characters] doumeki/watanuki
[contains] spoilers: alternate ending to chapter 71
[words] 146
[summary] "Watanuki, now you must make another decision. You must decide how you should approach Doumeki."

can you feel me letting go? )
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[title] a pirate’s map of buried treasure
[characters] doumeki/watanuki; himawari
[contains] n/a
[words] 1016
[summary] maybe I should fight harder for you but I said I'd let you go when you wanted me to

You closed the door and stumbled down to the street... )
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[title] and truth is such a funny thing
[characters] doumeki/watanuki
[contains] watanuki's tirades
[words] 345
[summary] They're not love notes because you're not officially in love.

tell me that you won't let go )
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[title] bomb shelters under your skin
[characters] doumeki/watanuki
[contains] n/a
[words] 100
[summary] to inhibit (v) - to stop something from developing

building rope ladders into your heart )
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[title] lately you're all I need
[characters] doumeki/watanuki
[contains] watanuki
[words] 193
[summary] in which Doumeki reflects on Watanuki and draws a conclusion.

you're giving me too many things )
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[title] like clockwork; moving in a series of repetitions until you stick
[characters] doumeki/watanuki
[contains] watanuki's tirades
[words] 1209
[summary] not what would have happened in a manga, underpaying slavery, melted chocolate; in short, a bittersweet love.

my true love is a man who would hold me for ten thousand nights )
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[title] my love for you will always burn
[characters] doumeki/watanuki; yuuko; himawari
[contains] spoilers: chapter 117
[words] 598
[summary] you are wise enough to understand that this has become something of an obsession.

I'll paint a ray of hope around you )


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